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immigrant students

Under leaked Trump proposal, using public benefits would count against immigrants

Mayor requests meeting with federal officials over concerns move would 'increase hunger.'

by Bill Hangley

Mixing arts and academics helps immigrant kids feel at home in Philly


Results in refugee lawsuit to cost Lancaster schools more than $600K next year

by Emily Previti

English language learners need more help and services in Philly schools

by Maura McInerney commentary

A guide to resources ready to help immigrants


Teachers learn about immigrant rights

Uncertain in the age of Trump, they find out how to handle any immigration officials that come to schools.


A glossary of terms, resources for English learners

How schools teach English amid other lessons

ESOL teachers can provide support in the classroom or outside it. Some schools take a bilingual approach.


Language obstacles can be conquered


When students who are learning English also need services for learning disabilities

by Maura McInerney
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