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Rising costs of cyber charters beleaguer Pa. school districts

by newsworks

Multiple choice: Does Philadelphia have a teacher vacancy problem?

by newsworks

SRC receives five new charter applications

Three of the new schools are proposing to open in September, and two want to open for the 2018-19 school year.


Do international dorms at community college signal a change of mission, culture?


SRC greets new era with Wilkerson as chair


In diverse Philadelphia, teachers work to reassure students about election results

by Dale Mezzacappa, Darryl Murphy and Greg Windle

The rebirth of a movement

Viewing an historic election from the hallowed grounds of Independence Mall to the grave of a crusader for women's rights.


Federal report on charter schools elicits more calls to revise Pa. law

The report, which studied 33 charter management organizations in six states, found that two-thirds were cause for concern.

by newsworks

Philly's state test scores are largely flat in second year of tougher PSSAs

The results, from 2015-16, do show some progress for high-schoolers.

by newsworks

Penn Alexander is named a National Blue Ribbon School

by newsworks
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