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Discipline that's designed to be a learning experience


Part 3: Giving students the tools they need to succeed

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you couldn’t.”


Dogs provide a calming presence at trauma-informed school


Part 2: At this school, it's personal

Pep talks, "brain breaks," and morning exercise are among the ways that Lakeside differs from traditional schools.

by Paul Jablow, video by Melania Bavaria

Introduction: Here we're not outcasts

A look inside a local school where trauma-informed teaching techniques are leading to success, even for the students who have failed time and time again.

by Paul Jablow, video by Melanie Bavaria

Part 1: Coping with students who can't cope with school

Lakeside School uses brain science to reach students affected by trauma.

by Paul Jablow, video by Melania Bavaria

Jay-Z criticizes sentencing of local rapper Meek Mill during concert at Wells Fargo Center

Mill, who is signed to Jay-Z's management company, is serving two to four years in state prison for violating probation. The sentence has become a rallying point for criminal justice reform.


Pa. guidelines for school discipline may change

A legislative report found disparities in how different demographic groups are treated. It recommends giving districts clearer direction on suspensions and arrests. A bill is now in committee.


Workshop School symposium tackles the topic of mass incarceration

Students created presentations that demonstrated the factors leading to the high rate of imprisonment in the United States.

by Darryl Murphy, video by Melanie Bavaria