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school reform commission

Estelle Richman is retired, but you wouldn't know it

The newest member of the School Reform Commission talks about her many volunteer roles and the future of the controversial governing body.


School Reform Commission approves new in-house special education program

The District downscaled the proposal after advocates complained, but concerns linger.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent

Thursday's SRC meeting: 112 pages of resolutions, dozens of new policies

Advocates are upset about a resolution on special education services. There are 10 charter amendments, 50-plus speakers ... and a demonstration against school closings planned.


Teachers rally over 'longest fight in the history of the PFT'

Union-sponsored event outside Lea Elementary also honored District teachers who are quitting over five years of frozen wages


School Reform Commission's new committee aims to open policymaking to public view

Morning scheduling of meetings raises concerns, activists say.

by Darryl Murphy and Dale Mezzacappa

Simms ethics complaint dismissed for 'lack of evidence'

The School Reform Commission member's actions in a vote about Wister Elementary were not a conflict of interest, state officials ruled.


Green's role as public advocate is dubious

The SRC member has been showing disdain for teachers and urging parents to see things his way.

by Lisa Haver commentary

SRC approves new Belmont Charter High School for Mantua

The 3-2 vote rejected the recommendation of the charter office.

by Dale Mezzacappa

After SRC loses again in court, Neff says charter funding reform a must

The Pa. Supreme Court denied an appeal to reconsider a ruling with wide-reaching implications.


Simms, Divine, and the Wister vote: A question of interest

The commissioner has not disclosed who is funding her sister's position with a pro-charter consulting group. Experts weigh in on the ethical issues involved.

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