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special education

District settles lawsuit over school-break services for students with disabilities


As new school year starts, mother hopes her son gets what he needs

At Roosevelt Elementary School, the Department of Education found, Quiadier Mitchell was not getting adequate special education services. He is just one of many students impacted by inadequate staffing. The District pledges things will be different this year.


What parents of special ed and ELL students should know about testing

An interview with Maura McInerney of the Education Law Center

by Brianna Spause

District sued over translation services for families of students with disabilities


Wolf’s $100M, plus new formula, would aid those with disabilities

by Vincent Hughes

Assistive technology is a needed tool in the city’s resource-starved schools

by Maura McInerney

Reading development: Two roads

by Richard Selznick

District promises to get tough with new Renaissance charter operators


Parents can take these steps to prevent and deal with bullying

by Sonja Kerr

District says services will follow students, but parents must be proactive to make sure

by Sonja Kerr
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