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teachers and trauma: a view from the front lines

Review finds flaws in discipline report

The Fordham Institute looked at District data related to suspensions. The National Education Policy Center took issue with Fordham’s findings.


Taking in The Bad: Embracing My Mother’s Mistakes

by Shynice Youmans

It’s hard to relate to school shootings – at first

by Zachary Wright

Our opinion: District and city must unite to ward off trauma’s effects


In Anchorage, principal first focused on the staff

Deanna Beck wanted to create a sense of community among the teachers in her school.


Lakeside offers trauma-informed education online


Ways to steer away from behavior issues

by Jane M. Von Bergen

Parents learn to use positive methods

The PriCARE program, through Children’s Hospital, helps families avert behavior problems and lessen stress.

by Jane M. Von Bergen

Study: Depression varies among racial groups

The researchers fear that black children, in particular, are under-diagnosed and don’t receive the help they need.


At Moffet, adults learn about brains

Their development, that is. Childhood trauma was another topic in a workshop for parents and staff.

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