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Which schools are closing now? A quick look at the District's revised plan

By David Limm on Feb 19, 2013 04:27 PM

Ten schools that the Philadelphia School District had recommended for closure will now remain open if the new closings plan is approved by the School Reform Commission next month. Two new schools have appeared on the closings list. Two others, previously headed for relocation, will now keep both their buildings and their programs. In all, eight fewer schools (and buildings) are slated to close - 29 instead of 37.

Keeping track of all the reshuffling could make your head spin. So we've compiled a chart of the schools and buildings now on the District's newly revised list of recommended closures and relocations.

The District has also released a summary of the changes made to schools affected by the new plan. 

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Comments (2)

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on February 20, 2013 9:57 am
NO schools should be closing until a more comprehensive evaluation is done. This is especially true since the money saved by closing 30 schools would be minimal. It does, however, make buildings available for the charter operators and isn't that really what's behind all this anyway? For example, Beeber is 2 blocks from City Ave, a prime location for the corporate types. Uncle Mike and his minions are selling out the very people who elected him while doing Corbett's carpet bombing for him all under the guise of "reform." A total sellout but, hey, Uncle Mike's future is secure.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 22, 2013 12:31 am
M hall stanton supporters were scheduled to speak tonight at the src but respectfully withdrew on the grounds that we feel we deserve a specific school closure meetings as the other schools had. Tonight was just a general meeting.I am someone who has a very vested interest in keeping stanton open next year. I can tell you that the staff, parents, community members and elected officials of stanton community have been working very hard together since stanton was unjustly nominated for closure. We have spent hours researching, data analyzing, reading proposals of the formerly nominated schools that was submitted to dr. Hite... we were more than hurt and saddened especially upon reading duckerys proposal. They individuals responsible for creating this document by referring to the stanton community as a "drug ridden crime infested area" several times. It claimed they were the better performing school and submitted documents showing that they havent made AYP in 10 years, they are listed as corrective action 2 school and they only met 8 out of 23 indicators. Stanton has made AYP 4 in the last 10 years, are only corrective action 1 and made 14 out of 23 indicators. Whats more they made blantant lies about the state of the facility that could have surely been proven wrong had ANY proper fact checks been involved in the decision to add stanton. ALSO interesting is the fact that a sister of a member of the src also submitted a proposal that stanton be closed instead of dukery. This document listed several elected officials as suppoters in favor of stanton closing. When we contacted them for verification they had NO IDEA their names were listed and were honestly quite shocked. Did dr. Hite read these unprofessional proposals, one of them from a SISTER of an src member and change his mind based on the lies and propoganda in them?. We have reached out to several local news stations, reporters including from the notebook, etc to bring attention to the concerns we have and hopefully will have a favorable response from them soon. The whole process is beyond unfair, undemocratic, and clearly lacks the level of decision making process that should be involved when making a school closure reccomendation, ESPECIALLY an AMENDED school closure reccomendation. Thank you to everyone who has kept this community in your thoughts and prayers..

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