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Teachers join 'Walk In My Shoes' school-closings protest at Fulton Elementary

By the Notebook on Feb 27, 2013 11:48 AM
Photo: Aaron Moselle/WHYY

On Tuesday, school-closing protesters marched from Fulton Elementary to Emlen during a "Walk in My Shoes" protest.

by Aaron Moselle

Fran Hoffman didn't mince words Tuesday afternoon while discussing the collective mood inside Robert Fulton Elementary's East Germantown building.

"We're a little defeated," he said. "We're taking a collective punch in the gut."

Hoffman, who teaches 6th grade, nonetheless grabbed a picket sign and joined about a dozen teachers from Fulton and beyond for a mile-plus long march aimed at keeping the school open next year.

Pride in his job and the students keep him going, he said.

On the chopping block

As part of its Facilities Master Plan, the School District of Philadelphia has recommended that 29 schools close at the end of this academic year, including Fulton, Germantown High School and Roosevelt Middle School in central Germantown.

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