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Protesting budget cuts, students march on City Hall

By the Notebook on May 9, 2013 05:26 PM

Two days after hundreds of students from around the city rallied outside School District headquarters protesting budget cuts, hundreds more left school today to march on City Hall.  (Video by NewsWorks)

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Comments (3)

Submitted by Education Grad ... on May 9, 2013 11:07 pm
It's great to see students mobilizing and making their collective voice heard about what is happening to the District. Ultimately, the District's core mission is to serve the students, not the adults. Today, my school counselor told us that the District is cutting all counselors, end of story. There was even a high school principal who made cuts in other areas in order to preserve his/her counselor, but the District would not accept this principal's budget because the counselor was still in there. If the above story is true, it really points to a strategy to eliminate PFT-represented counselors. Some children have the school counselor written into their IEPs as a related service. So there will have to be SOME counselors. If there are no PFT-represented counselors, then the counselors will come from an outside agency. If the school counselor can be a related service, but there are no school counselors, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen! I'd be interested in hearing from other people, especially counselors, who can confirm the information I heard regarding what is happening to the school counselors. It is absolutely unconscionable that Dr. Hite just muddles along, saying how "sad" it is that the District has to make all of these cuts. How about taking your behind up to Harrisburg on a regular basis, rallying the legislators from Philadelphia and others who support the District receiving more money, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! But, alas, he's not really interested in that.... I just can't understand how someone could go along with what is happening because it will be so devastating for the children. It's just plain wrong. How does he sleep at night? (Joe, I already know I'll hear from you....) The anger over school cuts is starting to gain steam with students and hopefully parents. It needs to keep building until Dr. Hite, the SRC, the legislature, and Governor Corbett can no longer ignore what is happening. Keep up the protesting and maybe the media coverage will make Corbett look so bad that he and the legislature are SHAMED into providing more money!!! Education Grad Student (and School District of Philadelphia employee)
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 10, 2013 2:50 am
I assume the Hite and Nutter "script" is to stir enough drama, while doing very little vis-a-vis Harrisburg, to get major concessions from the PFT and CASA (principals' union). They want $133 million in concessions and major work rule changes that will turn back the clock 50 years. So, they will make public statements about Harrisburg but those statements are churning states dollars - they are beating down teachers. If the PFT / CASA don't give major give backs, Hite and Nutter will blames the unions for the state of the schools. The work rules Nutter/SRC/Khin/Phila School Partnership and other anti-union individuals / groups want will escalate the number of "drive by" (e.g. Teach for America) staffing of schools. It will be just like KIPP, Mastery, Young Scholars,etc - totally inexperienced staff who will jump when told to jump. Teachers will be assigned so many duties outside of the school day that there will be no time to plan lessons, develop authentic assessments, etc. Hite and Co. will bring in more Ackermanesque scripted lessons. Am I cynical? Yes, as a parent I'm very concerned. If I could leave Philly, I would.
Submitted by jillacevedo (not verified) on May 14, 2013 1:17 am

Its good that they are united against the common problem but the problem is the solution. Students leaving their studies and protesting every time something problematic happens, is it really right?

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