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Community leaders mull possibilities for future of Germantown High building

By the Notebook on Dec 4, 2013 03:48 PM
Photo: Bas Slabbers/NewsWorks, file

A stack of boxes outside Germantown High on the last day of school.

by Aaron Moselle for NewsWorks

A new grassroots group wants to transform Germantown High School's shuttered building into a cutting-edge vocational technical school.

On Tuesday night, more than a dozen community stakeholders met to discuss the future of the hulking property, one of 24 schools that closed in June as part of the Philadelphia School District's facilities master plan.

A focus on education

By the end of a nearly two-hour discussion, held inside the Germantown office of State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, everyone agreed that the school should remain a site for education. The high demand for vo-tech training, they reasoned, would likely draw residents from Germantown and beyond.

"They need a job now when they get out of high school," said the Rev. Chester Williams, president of the Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club.

The task force may work toward building a new charter school or attracting an outside entity or entities, such as the city's building trade unions, to set up shop. No matter what, some alumni in the room felt strongly that Germantown High School should be incorporated into the name of the new endeavor.

Pursuing a charter could be an uphill battle. Due to the District's budget crisis, new charter school applications are not being accepted.

Julie Stapleton-Carroll, who is spearheading the task force, doesn't think that would be a deal-breaker.

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Comments (1)

Submitted by Taxpayer (not verified) on December 4, 2013 6:00 pm
Good idea. We have a shortage of skilled trades people and a glut of college graduates in debt up to their eyeballs with degrees in worthlessness, sold a bill of goods by the Education Industrial Complex. Not everyone is meant for college. And those that do go should make a business decision. Major in something that will actually have a positive return.

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