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Notes from the news, Feb. 22

By Anonymous on Feb 22, 2011 10:58 AM

notes from the news imagePhiladelphia Schools Close For Tuesday Fox 29
Enjoy the day off and be safe in the snow.

Who says the new Audenried High School in Philadelphia needs to be 'fixed'? Daily News (opinion)
This op-ed was written by Hope Moffett, an Audenried teacher who has since been reassigned, and other Audenried teachers. A version of it originally appeared as a guest blog post on the Notebook blog.

Teachers and the First Amendment The Notebook blog
Teachers do have First Amendment rights, but they aren't absolute. This piece looks at a few of the cases that inform this complex legal area.

Bill To Seek Pa. Superintendent Pay Cap Fox 29
State Rep. Michael McGeehan says he plans to propose a bill that would cap school superintendent's salaries at no more than the governor's salary.

Some 8th District candidates square off in first forum WHYY/NewsWorks
Education is a big issue for the city council candidates.

Notes from the Field-Wisconsin Attack On Educators And Other Public Workers Inspires A Tale of Two Teachers City School Stories
A Philly teacher describes her path to teaching and how it relates to the situation for public workers in Wisconsin.

CSSP withdraws from West Philadelphia High The Daily Pennsylvanian
The University of Pennsylvania tutoring program will no longer send students to tutor at West Philly High.

Recovery School District's Paul Vallas to help overhaul schools in Chile
The former Philly schools CEO will serve as a consultant to help turnaround low performing schools in Chile.

Green Woods Charter Limbo Philly School Search
Green Woods Charter is in limbo both in terms of a proposed increase to its enrollment and its plans to change locations.

See also: Neighbors hear plans for Charter School, question traffic impact Chestnut Hill Local

Inquirer Editorial: Making college affordable The Inquirer

Unruly students actually deserve a good blogging Daily News (opinion)

I, Too, Am a Professional Making the Grade blog

Report Cards and Effort A Very Public Education blog

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Notes from the news

Teachers and the First Amendment

By Len Rieser on Feb 21, 2011 02:32 PM

I don’t know exactly what Ms. Moffett - the Audenried teacher whose disciplinary transfer Ben Herold described in two recent stories - said or did. Plus, I’m not an employment lawyer. So I can't really speak to her legal situation. 

I do know, though, that public employees, such as teachers, have First Amendment rights – even if, as in many areas, those rights are not absolute.

Notes from the news, Feb. 21

By Anonymous on Feb 21, 2011 10:44 AM

notes from the news imageThe audacity of Hope Moffett The Notebook blog
Exiled Audenried teacher Hope Moffett says she's speaking out because she doesn't "want her students to be disheartened."

See also: PFT: 'We will not be intimidated' The Notebook blog
Lessons from Audenried The Workshop blog

MLK school walkout protests turnaround plan WHYY/NewsWorks
About 70-100 King students walked out of their school in protest of plans to turn it over to a charter. It was the third student walkout in a week.

See also: King students walk out The Notebook blog
Students at Martin Luther King High stage protest walkout The Inquirer

It's wrong to dismiss path to equal education The Inquirer (opinion)
Two Black leaders express support for the proposed voucher bill and suggest that the NAACP rethink its criticisms of the bill. Another op-ed argues that a report supportive of vouchers is not convincing.

See also: Pa.'s unaccountable voucher bill The Inquirer (opinion)
Daily voucher news roundup Keystone State Education Coalition

Improvement on AP tests, but still work to do The Inquirer
In today's paper is an "InEducation" package about Advanced Placement test trends, and the charts from the package are online.

Collaborative review: New teachers book The Notebook blog
Two new teachers review The New Teacher Book, published by Rethinking Schools.

Green Woods Charter considers move to Chestnut Hill WHYY/NewsWorks
Green Woods would like to triple in size and move to a new home in Chestnut Hill, according to this report by PlanPhilly.

Pushed out The Notebook blog
A Youth United for Change study found that feeling bored was a major reason students drop out of school.

See also: DN Editorial: Students speak out on crisis Daily News

An Open Letter to Natalie Monroe Practical Theory blog
SLA principal Chris Lehmann explains why a teacher blogger who refers to her students as "whiney" would get such a negative response.

Letters: School vouchers will hurt Philadelphia kids who have no help Daily News

What you need to know about public elementary schools in Philly Chestnut Hill Patch

Who are we measuring? Making the Grade blog

Is it All About the Benjamins?  Making the Grade blog

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Notes from the news

The audacity of Hope Moffett

By Benjamin Herold on Feb 20, 2011 11:26 PM

Last Friday, Hope Moffett became the most talked-about teacher in Philadelphia.

Though her students at Audenried High School were gearing up for next month’s all-important state PSSA exam, the third-year English teacher spent the day in an overheated basement room in a distant District outpost, isolated but for a few brief visitors and an occasional mouse scurrying across the room.

An outspoken critic of the District’s plan to convert her school into a charter, Moffett, 25, has been temporarily reassigned to so-called “teacher jail.”

Collaborative review: New teachers book

By Samuel Reed III on Feb 18, 2011 06:13 PM

Instead of writing this review myself, I wanted experts on the subject of being new teachers to respond to the "New Teacher Book." John Pickersgill and Lauren Goldberg, teachers at Beeber Middle School,  wrote this collaborative review of the book, which is published by Rethinking Schools.

Lauren is in her first full year of teaching, while John is in his second year. Feel free to respond to John and Lauren with other suggestions or tips for preparing and supporting new teachers.

Pushed out

By the Notebook on Feb 18, 2011 04:15 PM

by Celeste Lavin

A new report conducted by Youth United for Change called Pushed Out: Youth Voices on the Dropout Crisis in Philadelphia, has found that one of the main reasons students drop out of school is because school is boring.

PFT: 'We will not be intimidated'

By Benjamin Herold on Feb 18, 2011 03:52 PM

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan has posted a strongly worded statement on his blog, denouncing the reassignment of two Audenried high school teachers in the wake of student protests at the school:

King students walk out

By the Notebook on Feb 18, 2011 01:34 PM

by Raquel Ronzone

Just days after walkouts of students at West Philadelphia and Audenried, students from Martin Luther King High School walked out this afternoon in protest of a District’s plan that could convert their school into a charter.

At noon, about 70 to 100 students walked out of the school’s main entrance, holding signs that read “Save our school” and chanting “We want King.” They demonstrated on school grounds for a few minutes until District and Philadelphia police told them to move off the property and to the corners across the street.

Notes from the news, Feb. 18

By Anonymous on Feb 18, 2011 11:02 AM

notes from the news imageDistrict exiles outspoken Audenried teacher The Notebook blog
Hope Moffett, a third-year teacher at Audenried who has been critical of the proposed turnaround plans for the school, received a letter yesterday telling her to report to the High School Academic Division office today.

See also: Audenried's future a big topic at SRC The Notebook blog
Audenreid High switches to charter, parents angry
Philadelphia Tribune 

Survey finds reasons Philadelphia students drop out The Inquirer
Youth United for Change released a report yesterday based on interviews with students who have dropped out.

See also: Group tackles dropout crisis Daily News
Report Details Why Kids Drop Out Fox 29
El 38% dejan la escuela desmotivados Al Día
Students report on dropout causes
Philadelphia Tribune

Now King students plan walkout The Notebook blog
Students at King High School plan a walkout today at noon in protest of the turnaround plans for their school.

'Philadelphia is proud to have Dr. Ackerman' The Notebook blog
This guest blog comes from the Chair of the Black Legislative Caucus, State Rep. Waters.

Waiting For Culturally Relevant Education, Not Superman The Atlanta Post
Profile of Imhotep Charter School, which has an African-centered curriculum. The school has had success, but opted not to apply to be a Renaissance Schools turnaround provider.

See also: Why aren't African-centered charters running turnarounds? The Notebook

U.S. Secretary of Education Appoints Members of Equity and Excellence Commission Media Newswire
Former Chair of the SRC Sandra Dungee Glenn was named to the commission.

Wisconsin A Year in the Life of a Teacher
The AFT put together a page to help people keep up on what's happening with unions in Wisconsin.

Do Furlough Days Ease Fiscal Pain? Fox 29

Pennell grapples with loss of a principal The Notebook blog

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Notes from the news

District exiles outspoken Audenried teacher

By Benjamin Herold on Feb 17, 2011 11:54 PM

For the past week, a group of students, teachers, and community members at Audenried High School have been vocal in their opposition to the District's plans to convert their school into a charter.

Today, say some, the District struck back.

Now King students plan walkout

By Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011 10:07 PM

An email Thursday evening said that students at King High School plan a walkout for Friday at noon. Here's the message:

'Philadelphia is proud to have Dr. Ackerman'

By Guest blogger on Feb 17, 2011 09:31 PM

This guest blog comes from State Rep. Ronald G. Waters, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus.

As chairman of the Pennsylvania Black Caucus, I am expressing my unwavering and unequivocal support for Dr. Arlene Ackerman, the superintendent of the Philadelphia School District. In light of a recent personal attack against her, including a call from one state lawmaker for her resignation, I believe it is necessary to set the record straight.

Pennell grapples with loss of a principal

By the Notebook on Feb 17, 2011 07:34 PM

Reporter Bill Hangley, Jr. covered the Renaissance Schools community meeting at Pennell Elementary on Tuesday for NewsWorks/WHYY and the Notebook.

Pennell is one of seven low-performing schools slated to become a Traditional Promise Academy. Popular principal Gina Steiner will be replaced. But District officials say the school will have more resources.

The Notebook and WHYY/NewsWorks are partnering to cover the Renaissance Schools initiative this school year, with stories shared on both websites. NewsWorks is a news website from WHYY that covers the Philadelphia region with a focus on Northwest Philadelphia - "powered by your concerns, questions, views, insights and stories."

Audenried's future a big topic at SRC

By Benjamin Herold on Feb 17, 2011 12:12 PM

For the second time in as many days, Audenried High School students converged on District headquarters to voice their displeasure with the District's plans to convert their school into a charter as part of its new "Promise Neighborhood Partnership" with Universal Companies.

Notes from the news, Feb. 17

By Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011 11:07 AM

notes from the news imageSRC juggles hot issues at marathon meeting The Notebook blog
The SRC approved four charter expansions, heard about the budget and facilities master plan, and heard from community members around Audenried about the plans to turn it over to Universal Companies.

See also: Philly SRC hears dire warning on school funding The Inquirer
School panel hears Audenried objections Daily News

Level with the public on Philadelphia school closings! Daily News (opinion)
The Daily News republished an editorial from the Notebook's February edition on school closings.

From a parent to the SRC: An open letter The Notebook blog
If the SRC or Superintendent Ackerman doesn't give notice by March 1, Ackerman will get an automatic one-year extension on her contract. The SRC chairman said the issue is a "personnel matter."

See also: School District Apparently Fine With Arlene Ackerman Life Sentence Philebrity

Corbett administration backs school vouchers Philadelphia Tribune
In testimony to the state education committee, Gov. Corbett's nominee for education secretary spoke in support of vouchers but did not endorse Senate Bill 1.

See also: RFA’s Kate Shaw discusses vouchers on Fox News Research for Action blog
On school vouchers, the data isn't encouraging Daily News (opinion)
Corbett OKs tax $ for use in private schools AP via
Heated debate in Pa. Senate hearing on school vouchers The Inquirer
SB 1 Hearing Video and Testimony Keystone State Education Coalition

Gaining programs, losing a principal at Pennell Elementary WHYY/NewsWorks
Pennell will be a Promise Academy next year and will receive a new principal.

See also: Promise principals, hiring timeline released The Notebook blog

2nd annual TAG 'Justice in the Classroom' workshop The Notebook blog
The event is this Saturday and is hosted by the Teacher Action Group's Restorative Justice committee.

Lawmaker eyes cap on superintendent salaries Daily News

Notes from the Field  - West and Audenried Student Protestors Challenge The Wisdom of The District’s Leadership City School Stories

Active Grade: Create Standards-Based Reports Philly Teacher blog

McCall Embraces Diversity Philly School Search

A final farewell to a Roxborough student WHYY/NewsWorks

School districts set to share sobering news The Inquirer

Temple students rally in Harrisburg for continued state support Temple University

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Notes from the news

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