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NYC schools chancellor Cathie Black resigns

By Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011 01:43 PM

Check Gotham Schools for the latest about Cathie Black's resignation. They are live blogging the announcement of the move.

Facilities master plan: resources, links

By Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011 01:01 PM

Details of the facilities master plan were announced Thursday at a special SRC meeting. This post will serve as an annotated reference of news and resources about the plan.

Notes from the news, Apr. 7

By Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011 09:57 AM

notes from the news imageFacilities plan details coming on Thursday The Notebook blog
Details will be released at a special SRC meeting today at 5 p.m. We'll have coverage of the meeting on the blog this evening.

Proposing a united front to fix Philadelphia schools Daily News
The Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal is holding an event tonight to start a conversation about education reform.

Addressing violence in Philadelphia public schools Radio Times
The Inquirer's series on school violence sparked this hour-long segment.

See also: Street questions Nutter about action on school violence WHYY/NewsWorks

A taskforce agenda awaits District action The Notebook blog
The African American and Latino Male Dropout Taskforce released a report that included several recommendations on how to improve the graduation rate, but they have not been acted on.

See also: Study: Dropout rate high for Black males at KIPP Education Week via The Notebook blog

7 Philadelphia School Principals Get Awards For Excellence CBS Philly
Last night the Lindback Foundation gave awards to principals, rather than teachers, for the first time.

See also: Other Lindback Award Honorees

Education rally against budget cuts tomorrow West Philly Local
Protect Public Education is holding a rally at City Hall tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.

See also: Notes from the Field-Eliminating Full Day Kindergarten Is a Misguided Choice City School Stories

New show aims to recast perceptions of community youth Temple University News
POPPYN is a new show produced by students in Philadelphia. It airs on PhillyCAM and online.

Letters: Educate all Pennsylvania students together Daily News

Frustration = Realization Making the Grade blog

Pennsylvanians Opposed to Vouchers Website Keystone State Education Coalition

Laptops stolen from Phila. charter school 6 ABC

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Afterschool Program UC Review

My Stand For Ackerman, Gamble And Renaissance Plan Could Prevail If… Part 2 UC Review

Please email us if we missed anything today or if you have any suggestions of publications, email lists, or other places for us to check for news.

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Notes from the news

Facilities plan details coming on Thursday

By Celeste Lavin on Apr 6, 2011 06:54 PM

While the District has announced there will be no school closings this fall, other long-awaited details of the facilities master plan will be released Thursday at a special School Reform Commission meeting.

According to a District spokesperson, the presentation will include:

Study: Dropout rate high for Black males at KIPP

By the Notebook on Apr 6, 2011 02:39 PM

The Notebook recently began sharing content with Education Week, where this was originally published

Education Week logo

by Mary Ann Zehr

KIPP charter middle schools enroll a significantly higher proportion of African-American students than the local school districts they draw from, but 40 percent of the black males they enroll leave between grades 6 and 8, says a new nationwide study by researchers at Western Michigan University.

Notes from the news, Apr. 6

By Anonymous on Apr 6, 2011 09:50 AM

notes from the news imageSave the date! Notebook event is June 7 The Notebook blog
Please join us for our annual fundraiser!

Mayor promises action on Phila. school violence The Inquirer
The city will reevaluate programs to see which are working. The Inquirer's "Assault on Learning" series brought calls from legislators across the state.

See also: Readers respond to series on schools The Inquirer
Philadelphia schools don't have to be violent The Inquirer (opinion)
School climate data and accountability The Workshop blog

Asian student from S. Phila High wins Princeton award The Inquirer
Duong Nghe Ly won a race relations prize for his work at South Philly and co-founding the Asian Students Association of Philadelphia.

Workers rally, honor Dr. King The Notebook blog
On Monday, the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death, union members and allies rallied across the country.

See also: Honor King by Fighting for Economic Justice Voice of Philadelphia

Elmer Smith: Victory Academies: A plan we can all be for Daily News
State Sen. Vincent Hughes' bill would turnaround low-performing schools as "Victory Academies," rather than giving individual students vouchers.

Education Cut Protestors Flood Capitol Fox 29
Protesters again head to Harrisburg to tell Gov. Corbett the cuts can't happen.

See also: Education secretary: School districts have to deal with cuts The Mercury
You've Got to Be Kidding- McGraw Hill Is Doing Well in Hard Times City School Stories
Save Full-Day K and sign up for Early Childhood Education Action Day, April 12th Keystone State Education Coalition
Susq Poll: Education tops list of voters' concerns Keystone State Education Coalition
Results show Wisconsin voucher students test poorly Keystone State Education Coalition

Honored principal credits others at Central The Inquirer
Seven principals will be honored by the Lindback Foundation.

Letters: Stop blaming district and help create success The Inquirer

More Administrators But Fewer Students Fox 29

Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes? The Workshop blog

Cook-Wissahickon Elementary Joins the Revolution Philly School Search

Parents, students learn about cyberbullying and its sometimes-deadly results The Inquirer

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Notes from the news

Workers rally, honor Dr. King

By Ron Whitehorne on Apr 5, 2011 07:01 PM

Labor flexed its muscle all across the country this April 4, the anniversary of the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as he stood with striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn.

The “We Are One” demonstrations throughout the country demanded an end to the attacks on collective bargaining and the living standards of working people by right wing politicians and corporations.

Save the date! Notebook event is June 7

By Paul Socolar on Apr 5, 2011 03:16 PM

Party with us! The Notebook's annual June fundraiser is happening June 7! We hope that you'll be able to join us for what is an energizing and fun annual tradition.

Notes from the news, Apr. 5

By Wendy Harris on Apr 5, 2011 09:53 AM

notes from the news imageSearch still on for Ackerman bomb-scare emailer Daily News
Philadelphia's Department of Homeland Security continues its investigation of a bomb threat that was emailed to the District over the weekend targeting
Superintendent Arlene Ackerman and her staff.

See also: Bomb threat triggers search of School District HQ TMC News
Though District officials and police agree that a bomb threat was issued to District headquarters, police deny that the Supt. Ackerman was actually named as the target.
Philly police, School District differ on specific Ackerman threat The Inquirer

Philly School District security positions threatened by budget cuts The Inquirer
In the face of a $629 million budget deficit, the District is targeting entire categories of jobs, including administrators who are responsible for maintaining safety at some schools.

See also: School districts brace for big cuts in Corbett's budget The Inquirer
Poorest districts are hit hardest, but there is grumbling around the state.
Protesters blast Corbett's school cuts
The Inquirer
Hundreds of people rallied outside Temple University's Liacouras Center yesterday in protest of Governor Corbett's cuts to public education. 
Corbett cuts to be cut?
The Inquirer via AP
GOP legislators are going to try to ease some of Gov. Corbett's proposed cuts, though State House Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai would not commit to increased funding for the Pennsylvania public schools.  

WikiLeaks files detail U.S. unease over Turks and charter schools The Inquirer
U.S. officials have a growing concern over large numbers of Turkish men seeking to gain visas to work at American charter schools, with one destination being North Philadelpia charter Truebright Science Academy.

Phila. teacher seeking online contributions to his education fund The Inquirer
A Science Leadership Academy teacher has set up a website to help raise money to fund his education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Renaissance schools a 'priority', but at what price? The Notebook
Although the District faces a huge shortfall, Associate Superintendent Diane Castelbuono said they are running "cost scenarios" that could help shield the Renaissance Schools initiative from the massive cuts.

Opinion: Philadelphia schools don't have to be violent  The Inquirer
Philadelphia school teacher Christopher Paslay shares 10 ways how the District can help improve safety in schools, including respecting everyone's right to learn and opening alternative schools rather than charters.

Letters: Philadelphia Schools Superintendant Arlene Ackerman vs. teacher Hope Moffett Daily News

Letters: Philadelphia charter school advocates dispute Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer on 'Waiting for Superman' Daily News

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Notes from the news

Ackerman: Parents, help fight the budget cuts

By the Notebook on Apr 4, 2011 03:21 PM

by Patrick Cobbs

Philadelphia schools chief Arlene Ackerman called on parents for help March 31 with the massive education cuts proposed by Gov. Tom Corbett for next year, but she said there is one program she will try to keep safe - the district’s 31 turnaround schools.

“Those are our schools that are our lowest-performing, and have been low-performing for sometimes decades, and so we’ve made that a priority,” she said.

Renaissance schools a 'priority,' but at what price?

By Benjamin Herold on Apr 4, 2011 01:25 PM

School District officials are still hoping to shield Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s Renaissance Schools initiative from the massive budget cuts that have already begun – even though they aren’t sure how much the effort is going to cost.

Notes from the news, Apr. 4

By Anonymous on Apr 4, 2011 10:04 AM

notes from the news imageThreatening email targets Phila. School Headquarters 6 ABC
The email said the bomb would be in retaliation for Superintendent Ackerman's treatment of teachers. Staff have been asked to report any suspicious activity.

See also: Security stepped up at School District in face of threat The Inquirer
Ackerman recibe amenaza de muerte Al Día
Bomb squad searches School District headquarters WHYY/NewsWorks
Bomb Threat Reported at School District Headquarters Chestnut Hill Patch
Ackerman gets bomb threat Daily News
Philly School Superintendent, Staff Threatened NBC Philadelphia
Bomb Threat at SDP A Very Public Education blog

Healing the Wounds of South Phila. High The Inquirer
The final installment in the "Assault on Learning" series looks at the changes at South Philly High with new principal Oits Hackney.

See also: Inquirer Editorial: Can't learn with violence The Inquirer
Monica Yant Kinney: A city school success has parents working to save it The Inquirer
Hancock School isn't violent The Inquirer (opinion)
Letters to the Editor 'Assault on learning' in Philly schools The Inquirer
Letters to the Editor 'Assault on learning' in Philly's schools The Inquirer

Community responds to the District budget shortfall The Notebook NEWSFLASH
The District shared its plans on how to deal with the deficit, but community groups have other suggestions.

John Baer: Could 'stashed' funds help Pa. schools in crisis? Daily News
Baer presses districts to use rainy day funds, which total $2.7 billion statewide. Philly has no money in its reserve fund.

See also: Letters: To Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett: College, not prison, is the way to go Daily News
ED BUDGET HEARINGS Keystone State Education Coalition

Ackerman talks budget (and chainsaws) at Leeds Middle School WHYY/NewsWorks
Ackerman talked about what changes would be part of a "doomsday" budget scenario and assured parents that only special education services that are "extras" may be cut, not core services required to fulfill a student's IEP.

See also: Ackerman discusses budget cuts, violence in schools West Philly Local

A message from students who left The Notebook
The Notebook's April edition is focused on students who have dropped out or been pushed out of school and their experiences.

See also: Undefining “Dropout” Voice of Philadelphia


Senator proposes rescue plan for state's struggling schools The Patriot-News
State Sen. Vincent Hughes plans to propose a bill today that would focus on turning around the lowest five percent of schools, rather than giving some students vouchers.

Grays Ferry community groups weigh in on Audenried plan The Notebook blog
Community groups say they were not consulted about the plan to turn over Audenried to Universal Companies, but they don't have plans to protest the move.

Education chat: Helen Gym - the continuing conversation The Notebook blog
Helen Gym chatted on on Thursday, and included some excerpts here.

'Parent trigger' laws give parents more power The Notebook blog
The laws allow parents to decide when and how to turn around schools.

Campaign for Nonviolent Schools Marches, 2000 Strong Philly Education Justice blog
Report from Wednesday's rally, with video.

Transcript: Live Chat on District Budget A Broad View blog

More districts looking at nontraditional candidates to lead schools The Inquirer

Private or state schools? What's the difference The Inquirer

Inmates urge West Philly High students to stay in school Philadelphia Tribune

Letters: An unfair aspect to Pennsylvania school vouchers Daily News

Performance Teaching Making the Grade blog

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Notes from the news

'Parent trigger' laws give parents more power

By Deborah Russell... on Apr 1, 2011 03:22 PM

Imagine us, the folk on Dauphin Street in North Philly, devoid of fancy degrees and titles. No Ed.D., Ph.D., M.A., or even a high school degree in many cases.

Yet, under proposed new legislation, there is a chance we may get more power to speak out on books in the curriculum or weigh in on effective classroom management. And supervise the principal, as if we were the board of directors (and theoretically we are). And work to boost the morale of a dispirited teaching staff that often feels taken for granted.

Or if none of that works, demand the school turn into a charter.

Far-out future or reality?

Grays Ferry community groups weigh in on Audenried plan

By Benjamin Herold on Apr 1, 2011 01:28 PM

A coalition of seven community groups serving the Grays Ferry neighborhood of South Philadelphia has finally weighed in on the School District’s plans to award Audenried High to Universal Companies for conversion to a charter.

Sort of.

Education chat: Helen Gym - the continuing conversation

By Helen Gym on Apr 1, 2011 11:52 AM

[Clarification: The questions posted below were ones that went unpublished and unanswered on on Thursday due to time or the moderator's choice. I was not the moderator for the questions that did appear on the online chat.]

Yesterday, I was a guest on a live chat at about the District’s budget cuts. The dialogue was fast-paced and lively, and included comments from education advocates, parents, and District communications staff members Shana Kemp and Jamilah Fraser. Because of the timing, we couldn’t get in all the questions, so I posted them below.

For readability’s sake, I pulled out a few Q&As at the top, then posted the rest of the comments below unedited. Hopefully, others can continue the dialogue in the comments section. 

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