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What does a state education formula do?

By Dale Mezzacappa on May 1, 2015 10:00 AM

Nationally, most education funding comes from local sources, but all state governments contribute to school costs in some way. Most of the time, the state programs compensate in some way for differences in property wealth, income levels, and taxing capacity among school districts.

Most states also have a formula that guides how the aid is distributed among districts in a consistent way from year to year, based on factors such as enrollment, local wealth, and student characteristics.

After three years, ASPIRA's Olney Charter High says yes to union

By Laura Benshoff for NewsWorks on May 1, 2015 09:52 AM

Decked out in blue for the school's colors, teachers and staff at ASPIRA Olney Charter High School linked arms in the school's empty cafeteria Thursday evening as a government agent tallied votes.

School Progress Reports released for Philly District

By Dale Mezzacappa on Apr 30, 2015 02:33 PM

The School District has released its School Progress Reports for 2013-14, which quantify a number of indicators to evaluate achievement, climate, and equity. The reports, which replaced the troubled School Performance Index, are in their second year.

Glen's Village: A mother reached out, and a son got needed services

By Paul Jablow and Dorian Geiger | Video by Dorian Geiger on Apr 30, 2015 01:14 PM

Glen Casey’s early school years were marked by all the academic warning signs:  low grades, truancy, and suspensions.

“He was verbally aggressive,” recalls Rich Neal, a behavioral specialist with NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET). Neal would be at Glen’s side until the tide turned for him years later. 

How is special education paid for in Pennsylvania public schools?

By Chris Satullo for NewsWorks on Apr 29, 2015 03:02 PM

What is special education?

Special education consists of supplemental services designed for students who have special needs due to cognitive or physical disabilities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a federal law enacted in 1990, guarantees a "free appropriate public education" to children, regardless of their disability. IDEA reauthorized and built upon a 1975 law that first created a federal mandate for public schools to educate children with disabilities at no cost to the family, in the least restrictive setting possible.

Glen's Village: From a trauma-filled childhood to the Ivy League

By Paul Jablow and Dorian Geiger | Video by Dorian Geiger on Apr 29, 2015 11:44 AM

The scene took place a short drive from the University of Pennsylvania campus, but it might have been worlds away.

Glen Casey, then 10 or 11 years old, watched in fascination as his father sat in the bedroom cutting up cocaine for resale.

“He was just sitting on the bed, just chop, chop, chopping it up,” recalls Glen. “Because, when you first buy it, it’s hard, and you want to smoothen it out.” 

Williams 'super PAC' boosts spending

By Dave Davies for NewsWorks on Apr 29, 2015 09:43 AM

In the wake of a couple of polls showing former City Councilman Jim Kenney leading in Philadelphia's Democratic mayoral primary, the super PAC backing State Sen. Anthony Williams has boosted its spending on television ads to nearly $800,000 a week.

Documentary premiere depicts trauma in life of student now attending Penn

By Paul Socolar on Apr 28, 2015 07:50 PM

The Notebook and 5th Borough Films are proud to announce the release and screening this Friday, May 1, of Glen’s Village, a 30-minute documentary film about a University of Pennsylvania student, Glen Casey, and the challenging path he has followed to get there.

Directed and produced by journalists Dorian Geiger and Paul Jablow, the film will be shown at 5:30 p.m. at the Urban Studies Department on the University of Pennsylvania campus – in Room G17 of Claudia Cohen Hall, 249 S. 36th St. 

Community Academy charter wins appeal to stay open

By Dale Mezzacappa on Apr 28, 2015 06:16 PM

Updated | Wednesday, 7 p.m.

The state Charter Appeal Board, in a 4-3 vote, has ordered the School Reform Commission to renew the charter of Community Academy of Philadelphia (CAP).

Community Academy, launched in the 1980s as an alternative for students having difficulty in the traditional system, became a charter school in 1997. It is the city's oldest charter.

Pa. school funding panel is expected to issue recommendations in June

By Mary Wilson for NewsWorks on Apr 28, 2015 04:57 PM

A panel of lawmakers and members of Gov. Wolf's administration are expected to wrap up work soon and release recommendations for a more equitable way of dividing up state funding for Pennsylvania schools.

SRC to hold hearing on proposed closure of Kensington Urban

By Dale Mezzacappa on Apr 28, 2015 04:31 PM

The School Reform Commission is holding a hearing Tuesday evening on the proposal to close Kensington Urban Academy and merge it with Kensington International Business High School. The two schools now share a building.

Million-dollar ad buy pushes for Philly charter school expansion

By Kevin McCorry for NewsWorks on Apr 28, 2015 03:16 PM

"Why are the politicians stopping good schools from helping more of our kids?"

That's the question asked by one parent in a new advertising campaign promoting the expansion of charter schools in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia School Advocacy Partners, an arm of the Philadelphia School Partnership, will spend more than $1 million on the ads.

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