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Editorial and leadership  boards


Members of the Notebook’s board of directors oversee the work of the organization and give vital assistance with organizational matters.

A volunteer editorial advisory board provides editorial guidance for each print edition of the Notebook, and members may contribute or assist with articles. Some are consistent members while others come on to bring expertise on a particular edition theme.

Board of directors members

Jolley Bruce Christman, Eli Goldblatt, Charlotte Hall, Harold Jordan, Katey McGrath, Brandon Miller, Rochelle Nichols-Solomon, Maida Odom, Len Rieser, Encarna Rodriguez. (Updated September, 2015)

Editorial advisory board members, 2014-15

The following individuals participated on the editorial advisory board for one or more editions during the 2014-15 school year: Brian Armstead, Leslie Becton, Christine Caputo, Morgan Cephas, Jeannine Cook, Sarah Costelloe, Taylor Frome, Rachel Fryd, Shanee Garner Nelson, Jody Greenblatt, Tine Hansen-Turton, Amy Patel Hopkins, Wendy Anne Johnson, David Loeb, Colleen McCauley, Suzanne O'Connor, Arun Prabhakaran, Mike Sack, Carolyn Smith-Brown, Ted Wachtel, Debra Weiner.

Also freelance writers Vernon Clark, Bill Hangley, Jr., Dan Hardy, Paul Jablow, and Connie Langland.