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Special Admission

Bodine High School for International Affairs

Mission Statement:
To provide urban public school students with a comprehensive educational experience that expands students’ interests to include global issues and prepares them for a lifetime of achievement and participation in the local, national, and global communities.
Points of Pride:
Spring trip (2015-London, 2014-Costa Rica, 2012-Spain); Germination Project Program; Wharton Aberdeen Stock Market investment competition finalists 3 years in a row; legislative, executive and diplomatic tour of Washington, D.C.; Beijing Sisters Student Exchange; Vanguard School, Philadelphia School District, 2010; International Baccalaureate School since 2005; 14 PIAA Interscholastic sports teams; 22 extracurricular academic teams and cultural clubs; 100-hour minimum service requirement for all students
AP Courses:
Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, Environmental Science, Physics B, Spanish Language, U.S. History
Other Special Academic Offerings:
International Baccalaureate courses; World Literature; Ceramics; Computer Science 1, 2, and 3; Crafts; International Economics; International Law; Introduction to Business; Japanese Studies; SAT prep; Statistics; World Geography; Conceptual Physics; Anatomy & Physiology
Foreign Languages:
French, Spanish
Parent Involvement:
Home & School Association, School Advisory Council, volunteers for class trips
Arts Activities and Classes:
Vocal music classes or ensemble; instrumental music classes; jazz; orchestra; visual arts instruction; ceramics; poetry
Activities and Special Programs:
Ambassador (yearbook); Asian club; Gay-Straight Alliance; International Day Committee; Latino Culture club; mock trial club; National Honor Society; Puerto Rican Day Dancers; Red Cross club; science fair club; Student Government Association; World Affairs Club
Boys Sports:
Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Badminton*
Girls Sports:
Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Badminton*, Cheerleading*
Septa Routes:
5, 43, 47, 57, 15 trolley, Market-Frankford El
Contact Information
1101 N. 4th St., 19123
Karen Thomas, Principal
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School: Special Admission
2014-2015 Enrollment: 480
Grades Served: 9-12
Admission Reqs: As and Bs, with the possible exception of one C, in major subjects on most recent final report card; 80th percentile or higher on standardized tests; excellent attendance and punctuality; no negative disciplinary reports; three letters of reference
ELLS: 2%
Special Education: 2%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 90%
Waiting List? Yes, 100
Racial Demographics: African American – 54% Latino – 18% Asian – 14% White – 10% Other – 4%

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