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Citywide Admission

Building 21

Mission Statement:
We empower networks of learners to discover their passion, connect with their purpose, and build agency to impact their world.
Points of Pride:
Partnerships with Temple University Medicine, Vetri Foundation, Black Women in Sports Foundation, Cohesive Collection Music Executives, and University of the Arts; 100% of year one students participated in their top three choice studio options; mindfulness club; Fitness Fridays; event planning; choice studios
Other Special Academic Offerings:
Partnerships with local businesses will be established to allow students to achieve competencies through practical work experience. Through internships, students will be exposed to a variety of career options that will allow them to develop new interests and make informed educational and career choices. We now have debate, culinary arts, health, and entrepreneurship options for students.
Foreign Languages:
Measures for Positive, Safe Learning:
Building a healthy community is an important part of ensuring a safe learning environment. We understand that creating this community will require intentional planning and practice. In an effort to create the environment that we envision, students and staff will devote 3.5 hours a week to our advisory model. Advisories will serve as safe spaces for students to reflect on personal mastery, team building, and short- and long-term graduation goals.
Parent Involvement:
Site selection participation; event planning; culture and climate; front office
Arts Activities and Classes:
Instrumental music classes; other instrumental ensemble; dance; theater group; poetry; literature
Boys Sports:
Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Tennis
Girls Sports:
Basketball, Dance, Lacrosse, Tennis
Septa Routes:
3, 23, 39, 47, 57, Regional Rail (Temple U.)
Contact Information
2000 N. 7th St., 19122
Laura Shubilla, Principal
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School: Citywide Admission
2014-2015 Enrollment: 293
Grades Served: 9-11 (adding grade 12 in 2017-18)
Admission Reqs: Citywide, non-criteria admissions requirements, with a 60% neighborhood preference. Students from all over the city can apply regardless of grades, attendance or disciplinary record.
ELLS: 9%
Special Education: 20%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 100%
Waiting List? Yes, 700+
Racial Demographics: African American – 63% Latino – 31% Asian – 1% White – 3% Other – 2%

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