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Mastery Charter School Lenfest Campus

Mission Statement:
Students learn the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in higher education, compete in the global economy, and pursue their dreams.
Accredidations and Awards:
Ranked 10th-best high school for Black student achievement in PennCAN’s Pennsylvania Top 10 Schools Report Card, 2013
Points of Pride:
Over $2.2 million in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2015; 18% of the Class of 2015 earned at least one college credit before graduating from high school; sophomores complete an external 18-week internship; 3-year partnership with the Mural Arts Program to design a mural for our neighborhood
AP Courses:
English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, U.S. History, World History
Other Special Academic Offerings:
Music; Art; Spanish III; Comparative Religion; Philadelphia Politics; Positive Psychology; Public Speaking
Foreign Languages:
Measures for Positive, Safe Learning:
Assistant principal of school culture; two deans; a social worker; outpatient therapist; two student government committees – School Culture and School Excellence; proactive response to student issues, including student mediations and class circles; consistent parent communication; staff approach to relationship-building
Parent Involvement:
Home & School Association, classroom volunteers
Arts Activities and Classes:
Vocal music classes or ensemble; visual arts instruction; dance instruction; drum line
Activities and Special Programs:
Mural arts program; student government; peer mentors; yearbook; National Honor Society; creative writing club; Gay-Straight Alliance; chess club
Boys Sports:
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Fitness Club*, Running Club*
Girls Sports:
Basketball, Volleyball, Pep Squad*, Cheerleading*, Fitness Club*, Running Club*
Septa Routes:
5, 9, 17, 21, 33, 38, 42, 44, 48, 57, Market-Frankford El
Contact Information
35 S. 4th St., 19106
Steven Kollar, Principal
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School: Charter
2014-2015 Enrollment:
Grades Served: 7-12
Admission Reqs: Application, lottery, preference given to current students at Smedley Elementary
ELLS: 2%
Special Education: 20%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 68%
Waiting List? 563
Racial Demographics: African American – 90% Latino – 7% Asian – 0% White –3% Other – 0%

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