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Philly Education News + Views
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Special Admission

Philadelphia High School for Girls

Septa Routes:
4, 6, 8, 16, 18, 22, 26, 47, 55, L, Broad Street subway
Contact Information
1400 W. Olney Ave., 19141
Parthenia Moore, Principal
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School: Special Admission
2014-2015 Enrollment: 1,004
Grades Served: 9-12
Admission Reqs: As and Bs on most recent final report card; 85th percentile or higher on standardized tests; excellent attendance and punctuality; no negative disciplinary reports; strong motivation and interest to be challenged academically; interview may be required
ELLS: 2%
Special Education: 2%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 83%
Waiting List?
Racial Demographics: African American – 66%     Latino – 10% Asian – 17%     White – 5%     Other – 3%

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