Samuel S. Fels High School

Mission Statement:
Fosters a caring and resourceful school environment that builds and values relationships with students, supporting their social and emotional well-being. We also support students with college and career readiness skills and have high expectations and engagement for academic excellence that yields advancement in the 21st-century workforce.
Septa Routes:
1, 19, 24, 59, 67
Contact Information
5500 Langdon St., 19124
Shawn McGuigan, Principal
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School: Neighborhood
2014-2015 Enrollment: 995
Grades Served: 9-12
Admission Reqs: Serves students from catchment area; others may apply, with admission based on space availability and lottery
ELLS: 15%
Special Education: 25%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 96%
Waiting List? No
Racial Demographics: African American – 65% Latino – 22% Asian – 6% White – 4% Other – 3%

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