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Comings and Goings

Comings and Goings

By Anonymous on Jul 26, 2005 01:27 PM

Wendy Beetlestone, general counsel, to depart Aug. 5, to join the law firm of Hangley, Aronchick, Segal and Pudlin. . . . Greg Amiriantz, top administrator at Charter High School for Architecture and Design, retired June 30. Serving as interim head of the school will be Peter Kountz, former head of the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn, N.Y. . . . Felecia Ward joins the Office of Communications as a media relations manager. . . . Tim Spreitzer, deputy chief of staff to CEO Paul Vallas, departs for the office of State Rep. Dwight Evans. . . .

Principal comings & goings
RETIRING from their school posts are the following principals:
Rochelle Agris, Hancock School (to be replaced by Rosemary Cataldi);
Ruth Anderson, Duckrey School;
Christine A. Black, Ellwood School (to be replaced by Bettie Klekley);
Diane Branch-Jones, Fulton School;
Elizabeth K. Byrd, Gideon School (to be replaced by Ruth Victoria Pressley);
P. Karen Hill; Bodine High (to be replaced by Ann Gardiner);
Saundra Hopkins, McMichael School (to be replaced by Angela Edwards);
Adrienne Jacoby, Lowell School (to be replaced by Rochelle Bock);
Kathleen H. Lacey, Sulzberger Middle School (to be replaced by Adrienne Wooden);
Clarence A. Martin, Vare Middle School (to be replaced by Patricia Cox);
Joanne Nichols, Alexander Wilson School;
Ann Rivera, Morrison School (to be replaced by Christopher Byrd);
Susan E. Shucker, H.A. Brown (to be replaced by Juliette Pennyman);
Judith C. Simkins, Dunbar School;
David D. Strolle Jr., South Philadelphia High (to be replaced by Kevin King);
Charla Sussman, Dobson School (to be replaced by Kerri McGinley).

Other principal assignments include the following: Yolanda Armstrong, Pepper . . . Newton Brown, Olney East . . . Marilyn Carrion, DeBurgos . . . Mary Dean, Mastbaum . . . Sharon Glodek, Pennypacker . . . Karen Jackson, Roosevelt . . . .Anna Jenkins, Cook-Wissahickon . . . Richard Jenkins, FitzSimons . . . Florence Johnson, Lamberton High . . . Yvonne Jones, Motivation. . . Ernest Lowe, Jones . . . Eileen Maicon, Kensington International Business . . . Robert Manning, Elverson Military . . . Adele Pride, Kensington CAPA. . . Denise Richardson, Webster . . . Rosalyn Sample-Green, Franklin Elementary . . . Jill Silverstein, Southwark . . . Vera White, Clymer . . . Mollie Williams-Lee, Daroff . . . Reuben Yarmus, Kensington Culinary . . . . Over 50 principal vacancies in all are being filled.

“Comings & Goings” is a feature of the Notebook Newsflash that reports personnel changes within the institutions and organizations that focus on public education in Philadelphia. We welcome any knowledge you’d like to share on recent or upcoming personnel moves. E-mail us at

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