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Parents loud and clear at Council budget hearing

By Deborah Russell... on May 26, 2011 01:50 AM

You could hear the crowd all the way in North Jersey from yesterday’s City Council hearing on the District’s 2011-12 budget.

Hundreds of people and about 130 speakers - among them many parents - packed into Council chambers asking the mayor and councilmembers to figure out a way to put back $600 million dollars set to disappear in part, due to Harrisburg’s state budget cuts.

'Parent trigger' laws give parents more power

By Deborah Russell... on Apr 1, 2011 02:22 PM

Imagine us, the folk on Dauphin Street in North Philly, devoid of fancy degrees and titles. No Ed.D., Ph.D., M.A., or even a high school degree in many cases.

Yet, under proposed new legislation, there is a chance we may get more power to speak out on books in the curriculum or weigh in on effective classroom management. And supervise the principal, as if we were the board of directors (and theoretically we are). And work to boost the morale of a dispirited teaching staff that often feels taken for granted.

Or if none of that works, demand the school turn into a charter.

Far-out future or reality?

Charter School Invade and Retreat; Another Helps a Turkish Personality While A Teacher Talks Trash

By Deborah Russell... on Mar 22, 2011 09:42 PM

Parents have a lot to think about this week as it relates to charters.

Georgia Charter-School Operator Nixes Martin Luther King; Sticks w/Birney

The company - Mosiac Turnaround Partners - were awareded two schools to turn charter by the SRC, MLK high school and Birney Elementary. On the day of the announcement the company abruptly dropped its plans to work with MLK and instead said it would only work on the elementary level.

ACTION United meets with top District staff

By Deborah Russell... on Feb 23, 2011 05:46 PM

Who was it that said the joke about pit bulls and hockey moms?

Oh, right.

Well, how about asking what's the difference between pit bulls and Philly parents? On Feb. 4 you would have had to say "nothing."

Special education supports are popular school service

By Deborah Russell... on Feb 4, 2011 01:47 PM

The Notebook's February edition covers the facilities master plan and how the District will deal with excess capacity and aging facilities. The Eye on Special Education article looks at the impact that facilities planning may have on learning support programs. I gathered some additional info on the programs the District currently offers, and how parents feel about those programs.


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