September 25 — 1:31 pm, 2002

For further reading

Listed here are several of many valuable works on multicultural education, addressing theory, teaching, and multicultural curriculum content.

  • Banks, James (Ed.), Multicultural Education, Transformative Knowledge and Action: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (New York: Teachers College Press, 1996).
  • Banks, James (Ed.), and McGee Banks, C. A. (Assoc. Ed), Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education (New York: MacMillan, 1995)
  • Bigelow, Bill; Christensen, Linda; Karp, Stan; Miner, Barbara; and Peterson, Bob (Eds.), Rethinking our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice (Milwaukee: Rethinking Schools, Ltd., 1994)
  • Bigelow, Bill and Peterson, Bob (Eds.), Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years (2nd edition) (Milwaukee: Rethinking Schools, Ltd., 1998)
  • Christensen, Linda, Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching about Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word (Milwaukee: Rethinking Schools, Ltd., 2000)
  • Crawford, James, Bilingual Education: History, Politics, Theory, and Practice (Trenton: Crane Publishing Company, 1989)
  • Delpit, Lisa, Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom (New York: New Press, 1995)
  • Derman-Sparks, Louise, Anti-Bias Curriculum: Tools for Empowering Young Children (Washington, D.C.: National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1989)
  • Gay, Geneva, Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research and Practice (New York: Teachers College Press, 2000)
  • Ladson-Billings, Gloria, The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1994)
  • Lee, Enid; Menkart, Deborah; and Okazawa-Rey, Margo, Beyond Heroes and Holidays (Washington, D.C.: Network of Educators on the Americas, 1998)
  • Mitchell, Leif, Tackling Gay Issues in Schools (Connecticut GLSEN and Connecticut Planned Parenthood, 1998)
  • Nieto, Sonia, The Light in Their Eyes: Creating Multicultural Learning Communities (New York: Teachers College Press, 1999).
  • Olson, Laurie and Jaramillo, Ann, Turning the Tides of Exclusion: A Guide for Educators and Advocates for Immigrant Students (Oakland: California Tomorrow, 1999)
  • Perry, Theresa and Delpit, Lisa, The Real Ebonics Debate: Power, Language, and the Education of African-American Children (Milwaukee: Rethinking Schools Ltd., 1998)
  • Sleeter, Christine, Multicultural Education as Social Activism (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1996)
  • Stephan, W., Reducing Prejudice and Stereotyping in Schools (New York: Teachers College Press, 1999)
  • Takaki, Ronald, A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America (New York: Little, Brown & Co., 1993)
  • Tatum, Beverly, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? (New York: Basic Books, 1997)

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