November 27 — 3:26 pm, 2002

Student transfer applications due in Nov.

Transfer application for students interested in transferring to another public school outside their neighborhood boundaries must be filed with the School District between October 2 and November 17 for admissions into a school in September 2003.

Applications are available from school counselors or from the Office of Student Placement (215-299-3688). Three different forms are used:

  • The High School Admissions form is used for all high school applications
  • The EH-38 form is used to apply to a special admission middle school (Masterman, GAMP, or Conwell)
  • The EH-36 form is used to transfer a child to a “desegregation” school or any school other than one’s neighborhood school.

The Office of Student Placement can provide lists of District schools to choose from and also information about how many applications were approved for each school in prior years.

All Philadelphia public school students are eligible to transfer, as are students enrolled in private, parochial and charter schools. Late applications are generally not accepted.

Applications for charter school admission must be submitted directly to the charter school.

Students will be notified about the status of applications in the spring of 2003. Approvals are based on available space and, in some schools, on special admissions requirements.

Students enrolled in ten schools – Dick, Fulton, Hartranft, Lea, Locke, McClure, McDaniel, Meade, Sheppard, and Smedley – can take part in a special pilot “School Choice” program this year. Anew federal law requires the School District to provide school choice to children enrolled in schools that have not made “adequate yearly progress” on standardized test scores. Contact the Office of Student Placement for more information.

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