September 24 — 11:00 pm, 2003

Advocates speak out on budget impasse

"People need to be more vocal and more visible and visit and challenge legislators and consistently say that they are for high quality schools and they are willing to pay more in taxes to make this happen."

-Nellie Sepulveda, Good Schools Pennsylvania

"The present time presents a great opportunity for citizens to effectively reach their legislators, but the action is not in Harrisburg. Right now 50 constituents on the stoops of home [legislative] offices have more impact than 5,000 on the steps of the Capitol. We must have a constant presence in legislative districts so they get the message because they plainly have not gotten it yet."

-Tim Potts, Pennsylvania School Reform Network

"We must contact everybody we know and tell them not to give up on advocating for Pennsylvania’s kids and future. We must not let legislators off the hook. We must urge Speaker John Perzel to call a vote on the budget and urge our elected officials to stand up and be counted to ensure that all of our children have a fair chance."

-Shelly Yanoff, Philadelphia Citizens for Children and Youth

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