March 11 — 12:00 am, 2004

Small schools resources

Big Picture Company
Creates and sustains 20 innovative, personalized small schools across the country.

Center for Collaborative Education
Promotes small, caring learning communities in K-12 public schools. Worked with Pilot Schools in Boston.

Coalition of Essential Schools
A collection of articles on the benefits of smallness.

Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform
Characteristics, resources, and readings regarding small schools from a national network of urban school reform leaders.

Gates Foundation
Small high schools resources from a leading player in the small high school movement.

New Visions
Lead organization for the small schools movement in New York City, which has the largest concentration of new, small public schools.

Small Schools Office, Chicago Public Schools
Provides a variety of small schools resources ranging from the theoretical to the practical.

Small Schools Project
Resources on core characteristics of and starting up small schools, as well as promising curricular resources for small high schools.

Small Schools Workshop
Group of educators, organizers, and researchers that collaborates with teachers, principals, parents, and district leaders to create new, small, innovative learning communities in public schools.

What Kids Can Do
Online portfolio of student learning in four small high schools across the country, including extensive student reflections and detailed description of how learning takes place.

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