September 6 — 4:13 am, 2005

At the SRC . . .

In August, the School Reform Commission approved the following:

· $160,000 supplement and amendment to University of Pennsylvania partnership, phasing out services at Bryant.
Penn will manage Lea and Wilson through June 2007, but phase out services at Bryant, for which it will receive no pay for 2005-2006. The supplementary $160,000 will pay for two teachers to help prepare Lea students for the proposed Penn high school.

· $525,000 from categorical/grant fund to New Teacher Project
Will provide consulting services for teacher placement fairs; recruit, select, and train highly qualified teachers to fill mid-year vacancies for 2005-06 and opening vacancies in 2006.

· $28 million from categorical/grant fund to various SES providers.
The budgeted amount, which will go to hundreds of providers, compares with $17 million allocated for 04-05.

· $325,000 from categorical/grant fund to Communities in Schools, Philadelphia for Parent-Child Home Program.
To recruit, hire, pay and provide oversight to Parent-Child Home Program’s home visitors and lead home visitors.

· $500,000 grant acceptance from U.S. Army Cadet Command for Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Would defray some cost of establishing Army JROTC units at Philadelphia Military Academy-Leeds, Philadelphia Military Academy-Elverson, Overbrook HS, Bok AVTS, and University City High..

· $400,000 from general fund to Resources for Change for Student Success Centers
To provide staffing for Student Success Centers at 10 high schools: Bartram, University City, West Philadelphia, Frankford, Gratz, Overbrook, Kensington, Edison, William Penn and Franklin.

· $1.5 million from categorical/ grant fund to Philadelphia Education Fund for CORE Philly Scholarship Program.
For the CORE Philly Scholarship program for 2005 graduates.

· $1.67 million from Empowerment Grant/$1.48 million to SMART program
For operation of Saturday Morning Alternative Reach and Teach (SMART), an alternative educational, social and behavioral community service program for chronically disruptive students. Will operate in 14 regional program sites. District will contract with eight community organizations.

· $500,000 from operating budget to Community Education Partners for alternative high school program
Will allow for 12th and Allegheny site to accommodate discipline school program and drop-out prevention program for over-aged students, thereby establishing two schools. To be adjusted each year after the first year, through June 30, 2010.

· $3.2 million from operating budget to Camelot Schools to manage Shallcross School
Moves the last of the District-managed discipline schools, with 300 students, to private management. To to be adjusted each year through June 2010.

· $1.1 million from categorical/grant fund to Catapult Learning for extended day services.
Formerly Sylvan Educational Solutions (sister company of the tutoring Sylvan Learning Center), Catapult will administer the reading program primarily to sixth-grade students (144 per site) in 10 middle or K-8 schools.

The following SRC resolutions were tabled or withdrawn:
· $100,000 from the operating budget to Egan Bloom & Associates
Encouraged by Commissioner Martin Bednarek, the commission postponed decision on this contract, for Egan Bloom to assist the District in negotiating and implementing a Project Labor Agreement with the Philadelphia Building Trades Council, counsel the District on its capital plan, and help advocate with the community on renovation, location and construction of schools.

· Authorization for sale of Thomas Durham School property
The school property at 16th & Lombard Streets, closed in June 2003 after the District cited extensive repair costs, has received many expressions of interest, including from Independence Charter School. A public speaker complained that the District had prepared Requests for Proposals without community input.

· $200,000 from operating budget to Philadelphia Area Consortium for Education (PACE)
Would support consortium of college and university partners in hiring of executive director, as well as with meetings and fundraising efforts. Commissioners called for the existence of a 501(c)3, director and board for PACE before voting on the resolution.

· $1.79 million in categorical/grant funds to community-based service provider for Attendance and Truancy Intervention and Prevention Support Programs.
Tabling was prompted by concerns from Commissioner Dan Whelan about a lack of “refined data” in truancy prevention efforts. Grant would cover efforts by 14 providers and organizations serving the District’s Attendance and Truancy Intervention and Prevention Support Program.

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