November 24 — 12:00 am, 2005

SRC resolution for African American studies

SRC-1 (February 16, 2005) African and American History Curriculum

Passed unanimously by the School Reform Commission

WHEREAS, on December 23, 1968, the School District of Philadelphia in an effort to address the academic and cultural needs of its African American students, initiated a program of staff development on African Heritage and African-American History in order to provide teachers and students with the knowledge and perceptions necessary for their better understanding of the vital role that people of African descent have played in the past, present and future, and

WHEREAS, in addition, the work resulting from this resolution was intended to provide teachers from Kindergarten through Grade Twelve with the necessary background for teaching African and African-American history to their pupils, and

WHEREAS, the School Reform Commission recognizes that the goal of the 1968 resolution has not been fully realized, and that the concerns related to academic achievement addressed by this resolution remain a concern in 2005, and in an effort to close the largest academic achievement gap in the District, now be it

RESOLVED that the District:

  • ensure that all students and teachers gain the intellectual respect for children of African descent through the infusion of African and African American history and culture in the total curriculum, grades PreK-12;
  • mandate an African and an African American History course in all Senior High Schools by September 2005; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the District utilize experts from within and external to the District in the development of a comprehensive plan that will:

  • develop and implement specific goals and objectives to close the academic achievement gap for all racial and ethnic subgroups in the District;
  • diversify the teaching and leadership staff within the District;
  • provide professional development on various teaching and learning styles that improve the educational attainment of African American children, particularly African American males;
  • identify the causes and provide remedies for the over representation of African American and Latino males in special education; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chief Executive Officer will report progress related to these issues every 120 days until such time that satisfactory progress has been made.

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