November 23 — 12:00 am, 2006

Parents speak out to the SRC about cutbacks

Here are a few of the public comments made by parents during four days of public testimony in November on the School District’s budget deficit.

Gerald Wright, J.S. Jenks School

“Why did it take so long to inform parents and the larger community about the deficit, its size and possible impact? Why not see parents as full partners as attempts are made in the longer term to secure dedicated full funding for our schools?”

Patricia Toy, Greenfield School

“One of our fourth grade classes had been a small group of 16 students who are performing well below grade level…. Now these 16 students along with the others are in two large classes with no opportunity to get the additional attention and help they need and deserve. Why are we abandoning the class size reduction initiative?”

Arlacey Chambers, Bethune School

“Teachers need support and lower class size to make certain all children’s learning needs are met…. At recess there are only 4 noontime aides with 10 classes, with approximately 300 children in the yard at one time with nothing to do.”

Anthony Ingargiola, Bache-Martin School

“Today, 52 years after Brown v. Board of Education, we are faced with very separate and very unequal education for the more than a quarter of a million school-age Philadelphia children…. It really will take an entire city to right what has been collectively neglected for more than a generation.”

Eden Kainer, J.S. Jenks School

“Do not cut at the school level any more: the cuts made in the spring, and then again in October, have hurt us and you, and will continue to hurt, more than you know.”

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