March 17 — 4:55 pm, 2009

Re-engagement center data: A look at Philadelphia’s out-of school population

In nearly a year of operation, the Re-engagement Center at School District headquarters has seen a steady stream of youth – and some older adults – come for help to re-start their educations. It has sought to get them into a program and kept track of the reasons they gave for leaving in the first place.
Number of Participant Enrollments
May 2008-January 2009
The top three reasons participants gave
for leaving school:

  • child care/pregnancy
  • family issues
  • didn’t like assigned school

Age of Participants
While most are teenagers, more than 10 percent are over 25 years old. Some parents come in with their children. The majority of participants are ages 17-19.

15 Years Old 0.6%
16-21 Years Old 78.5%
22-25 Years Old 10.1%
26-30 Years Old 4.1%
31-35 Years Old 3.0%
36-40 Years Old 1.4%
41+ Years Old 2.2%
Total: 100%

-All data from School District of Philadelphia

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