October 6 — 12:30 pm, 2009

Looking for quality

Here are 10 characteristics of quality care. These apply to all child care settings, including at-home care with parents.

“In high-quality, developmentally appropriate programs, caregivers:

  1. Encourage children to be actively engaged in a variety of activities [covering all domains of development]
  2. Have frequent, positive interactions with children that include smiling, touching, holding, and speaking at children’s eye level
  3. Promptly respond to children’s questions or requests
  4. Encourage children to talk about their experience, feelings, and ideas…. 
  5. Listen attentively [giving children a lot of practice using words to increase vocabulary]
  6. Ask open-ended questions [instead of asking, ‘Is that a dog?’ say, ‘Tell me about your picture’]
  7. Extend children’s actions and verbalizations with more complex ideas or materials
  8. Interact with children individually and in small groups instead of exclusively with the group as a whole
  9. Use positive guidance techniques [not yelling or punishment] 
  10. Encourage appropriate independence [adults do not do everything for children, but find ways for increasing participation from toddlers and preschoolers].”


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