To the editors:

While it is regrettable that the School District of Philadelphia has within its system schools that have years of academic failure, it is good that our School District has devised a plan to reverse this trend and get our students achieving again. The Renaissance School plan offers failing schools a chance to be what they were intended to be: “places of higher learning” that teach our children and prepare them for future successes. 

Students deserve to have their quest for knowledge honored with curriculum, faculty, and school environments that promote learning and motivate student achievement. As a community member, I acknowledge the important positive impact that those of us who live within the surrounding school community can and must have to ensuring safe passage for our children to and from school.

I am pleased that the School District considered the big picture (student, school, and community) with the development of the School Advisory Councils supporting the Renaissance School selection process. Superintendent Ackerman’s commitment to parent involvement is understood and reflected within the membership of the Frederick Douglass School Advisory Council. I greatly appreciate Superintendent Ackerman’s foresight revealed in her Imagine 2014 plan and the tone of leadership at work throughout the District to acquire the best for our children. This has influenced the seriousness with which we approach our SAC work.

Our council of the Frederick Douglass School is a working group led by parents that is focused and committed to being a part of the solution that yields the best education for our children. I believe that Renaissance School designation offers the best hope and opportunity for achieving this goal.

Ruth Birchett

The writer is a community member representative on the Frederick Douglass School Advisory Coucil.


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