January 17 — 3:46 pm, 2012

SRC holds first public committee meeting

[Updated 10:50 p.m.] School safety was the focus as the School Reform Commission held its first public committee meeting Tuesday evening, and it included an in-the-round conversation. Meeting publicly on committee business is new for the SRC, as is the format. Each monthly committee meeting will focus on a particular topic. Commissioner Lorene Cary chaired this meeting of the SRC’s safety and engagement committee, which included an opportunity for feedback and questions from any of those in the circle.

The main topic was a report back from the Blue-Ribbon Commission on school safety, and Mayor Michael Nutter made remarks on their report.

The room was set up with chairs in two large concentric circles – about 75 people in attendance.

After topical presentations are made at these committee meetings, members of the public and SRC "will be able to comment and ask questions during a Q&A period," said District spokesperson Fernando Gallard.

According to a District release, these meetings will happen on the third Monday every month to discuss topics addressed by the SRC committees, including:

Each SRC member chairs a committee and will lead a meeting on that topic. The press release described the purpose of these meetings as "1. To discuss issues facing the District and 2. To update the public on the work of other SRC Committees."

Speakers do not have to register to speak at these meetings.

SRC meetings are live-streamed online on the District’s website. Follow the #phillyeducation hashtag on Twitter for news and reactions from the meeting.

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