Next year’s budget shortfall could grow beyond $144 million if:

  • City Council fails to pass a residential property tax reassessment proposed by the mayor, which is projected to bring the District $94 million in added revenue.

  • Harrisburg enacts a voucher program. That could cost an additional $60 million, Knudsen estimates.

  • Cyber charter enrollment exceeds expectations, though Knudsen has already figured in some growth there.

  • There is a change in the funding formula for charter schools, protecting them from the same cuts imposed on districts this year. Knudsen said that could cost the District $40 million.

  • All proposed charter expansion requests are approved. If the SRC okays the requests from the nine (out of 25) bricks-and-mortar charters up for renewal, the 2,000 additional seats next year will cost the District $18 million.

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