April 2 — 10:45 am, 2012

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april 2012 cartoon

The District released a statement outlining the findings of a third-party investigation into the IBS contracting controversy, revealing "no evidence of wrongdoing." The District retained the services of Pepper Hamilton, LLP law firm to conduct the investigation.

The investigation involved reviewing over 100,000 District records, interviewing 32 District employees, and other research. The statement reiterates the chain of events regarding the awarding of the contract to IBS. 

Recommendations stemming from the investigation are:

The School District should more proactively plan significant capital projects to avoid the use of emergency contracting processes and create more transparent and inclusive procedures to govern emergency contracting processes when exceptional situations arise.

The state auditor general said he will not probe the contracting incident because "we have reason to believe that at least two other government agencies with jurisdiction have already begun to investigate the circumstances leading to the award of this contract."

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