April 2 — 1:05 pm, 2012

Black History Month celebration

14 black wax museum1 Photo: Mario Nascati, School District of Philadelphia

To celebrate Black History Month, 3rd graders from John F. McCloskey Elementary in Cedarbrook simulated an African American wax museum at District headquarters on February 29. Here, Jurnee Sydney is dressed as the late Florence Joyner, considered to be the “world’s fastest woman.” About 50 students participated in the event, dressed up as historical figures. Each stood still until a visitor touched a faux “push me” button on the student’s arm. The statues would then come alive, with students presenting the achievements of those they represented. Nearly 100 visitors attended, enjoying stories about such African American luminaries as aviator Bessie Coleman, baseball great Jackie Robinson, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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