September 27 — 1:21 pm, 2012

Notebook edition on ‘A portfolio of schools’ now available

Hot on the heels of our Fall Guide to High Schools, the Notebook’s October-November edition, available now, takes a look at portfolio management of schools and what it means in Philadelphia for parents, educators, and policymakers.

The print edition will be distributed to schools, libraries and other locations starting on Friday. Next Tuesday, we will begin posting full stories online, along with a radio piece by Benjamin Herold that chronicles one mother’s search for the ideal school for her son.

Other stories include a piece on what portfolio management has meant for unions, with lessons from the Chicago teachers’ strike; a look at the national trend in which more than two dozen districts have embraced this model, and a commentary on the similarities between what has happened in New Orleans and what is happening here. There is also a map showing how independent charter school operators, through the Renaissance Schools initiative, have replaced the traditional school system in large parts of the city. 

In the meantime, you can read a PDF version of the print edition online.

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