October 29 — 3:40 pm, 2013

Share your story about leveling in your school

How was your school affected by leveling? Did you lose teachers? Did you gain teachers? How many classes of students are facing different teachers? Do you think your school is better off or worse off?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, leveling is the process of moving teachers around based on actual enrollments rather than summer estimates. Usually, it happens by mid-October. This year, it ended on Monday, Oct. 28. Although leveling, in some form, occurs every year, more teachers were moved than usual this year because of the District’s severe budget situation. The District said that 139 teachers were transferred and 29 were hired.

Please either comment on this post or tweet your stories using the #PHLleveling hashtag. Or, if you prefer, email notebook@thenotebook.org. Please make sure to include the name of your school.


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