April 11 — 10:06 am, 2017

How to add women to STEM fields

There is no doubt that women are treated poorly by some of their peers in STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math] communities. This has grown from the fact that women are treated as though their job is simply to be stay-at-home wives.

Women have had negative opinions held toward them in STEM careers based simply on them being a female with their careers. Some might be asking why this matters to you and your Notebook. Well, while society is moving toward being completely unbiased based on sex, we aren’t there yet.

There are currently programs in place to help females gain an interest in STEM subjects at young ages. The real issue does not exist at the education level, but rather at the level of the jobs that these females get. There is still a large gap in the STEM fields between men and women, and it exists because employers have stereotypes built into their heads that women are not as good as men when it comes to science. It needs to be more focused, not only on getting females interested in STEM subjects, but introducing them to STEM careers at an early point so they can have a career plan for their future.

We can build to achieve this in STEM by developing programs for youths to help them get into engineering at an early age, as well as designing the programs to be more open to young women.

Michael Curry
The writer is a student at Central High School.



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