June 7 — 1:51 pm, 2017

Standing up for teachers

Response to April 30 blog post, “May Day will be busy: Teachers organize day of advocacy, SRC to vote on charter renewals,” by Dale Mezzacappa.

Back when I was at Furness High School, there was a sign on the wall outside of my office. It said, "If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing." I stand firmly behind the teachers and public education.

I am inspired to see the teachers stand up for themselves, their students, and the profession that I believe is the greatest profession.

What our schools need most, and what our children need most, is a strong and viable profession of teaching and learning. A profession that rewards academic achievement, dedication to children, and the development of the art and craft of teaching. And a profession that attracts the best and brightest amongst us and retains them for their professional lives.

Without this, we will never achieve greatness in our public schools. Of that I am sure.

Rich Migliore
The writer is a retired District administrator, an attorney, and the author of “Whose School Is It? The Democratic Imperative for Our Schools.”


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