August 23 — 12:54 pm, 2018

Wolf calls Wagner’s new education funding proposal ‘abracadabra math’

It's the latest salvo in the gubernatorial campaign.

Gov. Wolf (left) and Scott Wagner (Emma Lee/WHYY)

Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner has a plan to pump an additional $1 billion into public schools without raising taxes.

He says he would do four things to make that happen: privatize the sale of alcohol, lease its liquor wholesale system, slash corporate welfare “that has no positive economic impact,” and reform the welfare system.

His campaign says the numbers add up, and at least one think tank backs that assertion.

Gov. Wolf, Wagner’s Democratic opponent, calls it “abracadabra math,” and another think tank agrees with Wolf’s position.

There’s been no independent analysis of Wagner’s recently released proposal, which leaves both sides with plenty of ammunition on an issue that has already dominated the gubernatorial debate thus far.

“He’s just proposing this bogus plan,” said Wolf campaign spokesperson Beth Melena. “It’s made up of complete abracadabra math.”

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