November 6 — 7:48 am, 2018

Notes from the News — November 6, 2018

A daily roundup of education news

Today’s 2018 Pennsylvania general election: What you need to know PhillyVoice

Do you need photo ID to vote today in Pa.? No, but there’s good reason for confusion: The state’s 2012 voter ID law was found unconstitutional, but is still on the books BillyPenn

Care about education? On Election Day, watch these races with us Chalkbeat

There’s $2.6 billion in education funding up for grabs in the midterm elections MarketWatch

Teachers are first responders to the opioid crisis; in this teacher’s county, up to 40 percent of students don’t live with their parents Hechinger Report

Why Edtech specialists should focus on transformation, not tools EdSurge

What the Boston school bus schedule can teach us about artificial intelligence Wired

Stories from around the state — from the Keystone State Education Coalition blog.

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