November 26 — 12:03 pm, 2018

For new Rhodes scholar, a journey tied — in many ways — to Philly’s school system

Anea Moore teaches choir to students at Henry Lea Elementary school. The Philadelphia woman has won a Rhodes scholarship. (Kimberly Paynter/WHYY)

When Anea Moore was in 7th grade, she gave her mom an ultimatum.

For years, she had bugged her parents to let her apply to Masterman, one of Philadelphia’s premier public magnet schools. Her parents worried that it was too far away — and maybe too challenging.

Moore needed her mother’s signature to complete the Masterman application.

“I don’t know where I got these guts from, but I said, ‘Mommy, either you sign it or I forge your name on this paperwork,’” Moore said. “But either way, it’s going out.”

Moore thought Masterman could push her in ways that her neighborhood K-8 school, Penrose, couldn’t. Though the teachers there tried to nurture her talent — even sneaking her into advanced math classes — she wanted to learn with the “best of the best.”

She also thought that at Masterman she’d finally fit in with students.

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