January 28 — 7:43 am, 2019

Notes from the News — January 28, 2019

A daily roundup of education news

Pennsylvania’s failure to oversee cyber charter schools has wide consequences | Editorial Philly.com

Statewide report shows Pennsylvania districts struggling under mandated costs – Yorkdispatch.com

How much would it cost to get all students up to average? – Hechinger Report

The state of school choice in Philly: 22 years after the first charter, what have we learned? | Opinion Philly.com

Philly schools slashed student counselors, so this campaign is trying to bring them back – BillyPenn.com

After two decades of school choice in Philly, experts share their suggestions for revising charter-school law | Opinion Philly.com

Teen Inspires Youth Demonstrations Across Europe, Demanding Action On Climate Change – NPR.com

Stories from around the state — from the Keystone State Education Coalition blog.

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