February 20 — 8:16 am, 2019

Notes from the News – Feb. 20, 2019

A daily roundup of education news

Temple to offer new scholarship to help students graduate – Philly.com

Rebel Ventures pitch youth-powered corner store at Full City Challenge – WHYY.org

Philadelphia’s many African students need culturally inclusive education | Opinion – Philly.com

Charter schools left out of Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to boost starting teachers salaries – Mcall.com

Beaten, then silenced (At the oldest U.S. reform school for boys, leaders of the prestigious Glen Mills Schools have hidden a long history of violence.) – Philly.com

West Virginia’s Education Bill Dies As Teachers Strike – NPR.org

The Fate of the 2016 Teachers of the Year – Slate.com

Stories from around the state — from the Keystone State Education Coalition blog.

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