March 14 — 8:22 am, 2019

Notes from the News — March 14, 2019

A daily roundup of education news

Advocates say too many Special Ed students are not prepared for life after school The Notebook (print edition)

Despite obstacles, some students with disabilities do well after they leave the system The Notebook (print edition)

She left her all-boys school after coming out as trans. Now, she leads LGBTQ trainings there. –

Opinion: Students of color need to give back to the Philadelphia community –

New for Philly school kids: Mann Center summer music program coached by the Philadelphia Orchestra –

OPINION: How one liberal arts college is pushing students to up their job game Hechinger Report

Bribery scandal involving ex-Penn coach has students questioning admissions process –

‘Disgraceful’: Betsy DeVos says Education Department will investigate college admissions scandal –

Legacy admissions are affirmative action for the rich, and other lessons from the college cheating scandal –

Stories from around the state — from the Keystone State Education Coalition blog.

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