March 18 — 3:48 pm, 2019

Board of Education releases annual charter reports

Evaluations for the 2017-18 school year are available for 72 schools.

l l philly school district file1200 Emma Lee/for NewsWorks

The Board of Education has released annual charter school evaluations for 72 of its 87 charter schools, covering most that are not up for renewal this school year.

The brick-and-mortar charters enroll about 65,000 students.

According to a board statement, general improvements across all charters include better practices to comply with required services for English learners, revised codes of conduct that differentiate consequences for students in the lower grades, and timely submission of financial audits.

This is the fourth year for these annual evaluations, which cover academics, operational practices, and financial health.

The Charter Schools Office produces detailed reports on schools that are up for renewal; 12 schools are in that category this year.

The information in the evaluations primarily covers the 2017-18 school year.

Reports for individual schools can be accessed here.



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