April 25 — 6:30 am, 2019

Notes from the News — April 25, 2019

A daily roundup of education news

East Falls neighborhood rises to protest proposed relocation of Lab Charter – The Notebook

At 26 Philly schools, teachers churn through jobs at an alarming rate, hindering some of the city’s most vulnerable children. – Philly.com

Two more districts hit the snooze button on school start times – Philly.com

Palumbo’s theater program reaches new ‘Heights’- Southphillyreview.com

Should Philly school nurses be able to send home unvaccinated students? District says no. – Philly.com

What It’s Like to Teach at One of America’s Least Racially Integrated Schools The Atlantic

Son inspires councilman action on autism – Chestnuthilllocal.com

A Search for Answers, A Search for Blame: In grieving Parkland, there’s a fight ripping the community apart. And it has nothing to do with gun control. Highline via the Huffington Post

For a roundup of state news from Keystone Education Coalition, click here.

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