May 9 — 4:30 pm, 2019

Your baby’s brain: If you want to build a better mind, tell stories

How do we help children thrive and stay healthy in today's world?

Christine Bahls

Josie Shipley received many books for her 6-month birthday. Her mother, Nicole Chaney, requested extras to donate — 60 in all — to new mothers in 2015 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she worked. (Courtesy of Nicole Chaney)

How do we help children thrive and stay healthy in today’s world? Check out WHYY’s Modern Kids series for more stories.

Maybe your toddler knows something you don’t know. Every night, she insists she isn’t sleepy, and she wants you to read one more book …New research using functional MRI shows your little one is right. Reading, storytelling, looking at pictures, counting the bears, showing Mommy what the caterpillar ate or telling Daddy what color Pete the Cat’s shoes are — the more of it, the better, neurologists are finding. These activities furiously direct white matter, the neuron fibers to those places in her brain where the magic of language develops.

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