John Bartram High School

Mission Statement:
Our students will be able to successfully demonstrate competency using technology programs that will meet academic and career readiness expectations of higher education and industry; appreciation and the celebration of diversity through character development and community service; understanding and application of mathematical and scientific concepts to solve problems in real-world situations; competency and creativity in forming partnerships between school, parents, and the community toward success; an understanding of how relationships and personal actions impact personal goals through the use of positive reinforcements and restorative practices
AP Courses:
English Language
Measures for Positive, Safe Learning:
2 Climate Managers and various Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports initiatives put in place in 2016 school year.
Parent Involvement:
School Advisory Council
Arts Activities and Classes:
Art, Music, Computer Science
Boys Sports:
13 varsity sports
Girls Sports:
13 varsity sports
Septa Routes:
108, G; 11 and 36 trolleys
Contact Information
2401 S. 67th St., 19142
Damond Warren
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School:Neighborhood
Enrollment: 598
Grades Served: 9-12
Admission Reqs: Serves students from catchment area; others may apply, with admission based on space availability and lottery
ELLS: 8%
Special Education: 29%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 100%
Waiting List? No
Racial Demographics:African American – 92% Latino – 3% Asian – 3% White – 1% Other – 2%

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