Mastery Charter School Pickett Campus

mastery picket
Mission Statement:
Students learn the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in higher education, compete in the global economy, and pursue their dreams.
AP Courses:
English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, Government & Politics, U.S. History, World History
Other Special Academic Offerings:
Year-long internship course junior year; honors courses: 9th-Grade Literature, 9th-Grade History
Measures for Positive, Safe Learning:
Assistant principal of school culture; deans; school social worker; outpatient therapist; student government committees on school culture and school excellence; proactive response to student issues, including student mediation and class circles; consistent parent communication; staff approach to relationship-building
Parent Involvement:
Home & School Association
Arts Activities and Classes:
Drumline; visual arts instruction; music; art; technology classes; electives in choir; drawing
Activities and Special Programs:
Yearbook; photography; baking; music production; video club (student news); drumline; culinary club; dance club; fashion; newspaper; circus; theater/drama; National Honor Society; ping pong; Asian Culture Appreciation club; video game club; Cotillion Club; poetry slam; Girls Inc.,; Community Service Club; Smoothie; Scrabble House Wars; spirit team; moot court; SGA; JV Cheerleading; chess; flag football
Boys Sports:
Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, Varsity Football, Varsity Track & Field, Middle School Basketball, Middle School 7-on-7 Football, Middle School Track
Girls Sports:
Junior Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Cheerleading, Middle School Cheerleading, Varsity Softball, Varsity Track & Field, Middle School Track and Field
Septa Routes:
26, 53, 65, J, K, Regional Rail
Contact Information
5700 Wayne Ave., 19144
Margaux Munnelly, Principal
Enrollment and Demographics
Type of School:Charter
Enrollment: 895
Grades Served: 6-12
Admission Reqs: Application, lottery
ELLS: <1%
Special Education: 23%
Receiving free or reduced priced lunch: 91%
Waiting List? Yes, 1,000
Racial Demographics:African American – 95% Latino – 2% Asian – 0% White – 1% Other – 3%

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